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Carpet Cleaning in York, PA

Freshen up your indoor landscape with carpet cleaning from Threefold Janitorial Services, Inc. in York, Pennsylvania. Our trained carpet technicians provide service of the highest quality standards.

Unlike hard floors, carpet is a three-dimensional surface. It traps soil and grime at entranceways, near and in elevators, within traffic lanes, and around copy machines, coffee makers, and doorways. A regular maintenance program decreases abrasive wear and extends the life of your carpet.
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Dry Extraction

In contrast to today's common practice where carpets are allowed to degrade until they become visibly dirty, we use a dry extraction method to give your carpets a first-rate appearance all year long. Dry extraction carpet cleaning particles contain just the right amount of detergent and water to dissolve soil, grime, and detergent residue buildup. Once dissolved, the materials are absorbed by the dry extraction particles and permanently removed by vacuuming.

Even more, dry extraction allows us to deep clean dirty areas without having to clean the entire carpet. Using this efficient system, we can clean, feather, and blend spots, spills, and soiled areas into the surrounding unaffected carpet without leaving streaks and watermarks. Because this is a dry system, spots and spills do not wick back.
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