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Stripping & Refinishing in York, PA

Bring new life to your floors with terrazzo and tile stripping from Threefold Janitorial Services, Inc. in York, Pennsylvania. Our stripping chemicals meet the specifications for the type of finish and/or sealer being stripped and are used in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

During the stripping process, we completely remove the tile without damaging the floor surface. We also thoroughly remove all marks, scuffs, and stains unless there is damage to the surface.
Dusting - Janitorial Services
A machine equipped with a stripping pad is used to scrub your floors. For areas such as walls and corners, we use a manual scrubbing device to completely remove the finish and/or sealer. The stripping solution and rinse water are picked up with a wet/dry vacuum, except in small, impossible, and impractical spaces, including those with low amperage circuits.

All stripped floor surfaces are thoroughly rinsed with clean water. When a wet/dry vacuum is utilized, the area should be rinsed at least once after removal of the stripping solution. When a mop is used to pick up the stripping solution, the area should be rinsed at least twice.


Fall in love with your floors all over again with tile refinishing from Threefold Janitorial Services, Inc. Our team properly applies at least two coats of sealer and three coats of finish to all areas, using a clean, fine-strand mop head. When dry, your floor will have a uniform appearance, with no streaks or swirls visible. To ensure the materials are not compromised, we never return sealers and finishes to their original containers once they have been removed.

Tile Floor Maintenance

Give your tile floors a clean, mirror-like finish with our maintenance services. First, we dry mop and thoroughly machine scrub all floors. Next, we burnish the tile using 2300-rpm floor machines, adding finishes as necessary.

Threefold Janitorial Services, Inc. uses "matched" products on all floors. The use of high quality, compatible materials results in a more durable job.
Contact our company in York, Pennsylvania, to restore your floors to their natural beauty.